Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Alcohol technology intensification with the application of ultrasound
Irene V. Smirnova, Olesya Y. Kaluzhina, Alexandr N. Gusev, Alexandra N. Krechetnikova, Aigul R. Nafikova
Abstract: One of the promising areas of distillery industry successful developments is the acceleration of such processes for the preparation of alcohol as mechanical and enzymatic processing of raw materials, as well as the fermentation of grain wort to improve the quality of the final product. In the article, the effect of ultrasound with an oscillation frequency of 22 kHz and an intensity of 1.0 W/cm3 (ultrasound) on the water-heat treatment of the wort obtained from the winter triticale grain of the Bashkir short-stalked variety was studied. It is revealed that the ultrasonic effect leads to an increase in the activity of grain α-amylase enzymes. The obtained wort was used for growing seed yeast with simultaneous processing with ultrasound. It is established that this treatment helps to increase the amount of biomass and intensify the process of growing seed yeast. Ultrasonicated wort was fermented with activated yeast, which made it possible to obtain alcohol with a lower content of toxic impurities. As a result of the research a method to intensify the technology of alcohol which was obtained from triticale grain using ultrasound at the stages of water-heat treatment of the wort and growing yeast has been developed. The alcohol yield was 67.3 daL/t of conventional starch.
Keywords: distillers yeast; grain wort; triticale grain; ultrasound; yeast
Date published: 2019-12-11
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