Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Assessment of agricultural sustainability (Azerbaijan case)
Sabina I. Valiyeva, Elnara R. Samedova, Mayis G. Gulaliyev, Leyla R. Serttash, Lala A. Hamidova, Samira T. Abasova
Abstract: The paper analyzed comparatively essence of agriculture sustainable issues, their economic, social and environment aspects, as well as some methods for measurement of the sustainability rate. The authors gave preference to the method that takes into account some current and target indicators. According to the methods there was carried out assessment of sustainability of the agriculture sector of Azerbaijan. The target indicators that were used for measurement have been taken from Strategic Road Map on agriculture of the Azerbaijan. Measurement of the sustainable rate of Azerbaijan agriculture sector confirms that economic and environment aspects of sustainability are weak. But the social aspect of the agriculture sustainability is in the medium level. Common level of agriculture sustainability of Azerbaijan is in the low. In the future increasing of the economic aspect of sustainability can decrease the environment aspect of sustainability. Low level of agriculture sustainability of Azerbaijan creates big welfare inequality between industry cities and agriculture regions.
Keywords: ecology aspect; economic aspect; social aspect; Strategic Road Map; sustainable agriculture; target indicator
Date published: 2019-12-11
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