Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Temperature and light quality influence seed germination of two biquinho pepper cultivars
Maria Inês Diel, Bráulio Otomar Caron, Patrícia Jesus de Melo, Leonardo Antonio Thiesen, Oscar Valeriano Sánchez Valera, Denise Schmidt, Diéssica Leticia Junges, Daniela Meira, Marcos Vinícius Marques Pinheiro
Abstract: Biquinho pepper crop is becoming an alternative source of income in many properties that work in horticultural sector. Generally speaking, peppers are grown all over the world, however, the cultivation of biquinho pepper comes in increasing ascent due to its low pungency. In this way, researches related to agronomic aspects are scarce and demands for research need to be fulfilled. The aim of this study was to determine the best temperature and light quality for seed germination of two biquinho pepper cultivars [BRS Moema (Moema) and Airatema Biquinho Amarela (Airatema)]. The experiment was divided into two, where different temperatures were tested (15, 20, 25, 30 and 35°C) by sowing on GermitestR paper (Experiment I); and different light quality (no light, white, red, far red, green and blue) germination in GerboxR (Experiment II), on seed germination of two biquinho pepper cultivars. The temperature was 25°C for the best germination of biquinho pepper. Ambient conditions with light are favorable for germination of biquinho pepper seeds however, the luminous environments in green, red and far red colors influence positively germination of two biquinho pepper cultivars.
Keywords: Capsicum chinense; emergence; environmental conditions; physiology
Date published: 2019-12-06
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