Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Allelopathic soil activity in the rotation of some forage and technical crops
Plamen Marinov-Serafimov, Stanimir Enchev, Irena Golubinova
Abstract: Allelopathic soil activity of some forage and technical crops was studied on the initial development of Lactuca sativa L. It was found that: depending on the development index (GI), the allelopathic soil activity of the tested forage and technical crops grown in rotation pairs can be ranked in the following ascending order: Sugar beet/Vetch-oat mix (89.6%) → Sudan grass/Vetch-oat mix (86.0%) → Vetch-oat mix/Sugar beet (73.1%) → Alfalfa/Sudan grass (45.8%) → Stevia/Sorghum for grain (43.7%) → Sorghum for grain/Sugar beet (40.5%) → Sugar beet/ Sudan grass (31.3%) → Vetch-oat mix/Sudan grass (30.0%)→ Sugar broom/Sorghum for grain (29.3%) → Wheat/Sudan grass (26.7%) → Sorghum for grain/Sorghum for grain (24.5%). The species from genus Sorghum (Sorghum for grain and Sudan grass) had a relatively high allelopathic effect and can be included as a component in future breeding programs and for biological weed control against weed species.
Keywords: allelopathic effect; forage crops; Sorghum; weed control
Date published: 2020-02-14
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