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The beneficial effects of bio-fertilizers combinations and humic acid on growth, yield parameters and nitrogen content of broccoli grown under drip irrigation system
Abdel Razzaq Al-Tawaha, Mohammed J. H. Al-Shareefi, Abdel Rahman Al-Tawaha, Abbas K. Mijwel, Duraid K. A. Al-Taey
Abstract: Using the organic materials such as humic acid and Bactrian fertilizer has been reported positively effect on soil health and enhancing the productivity of broccoli in open file condition under drip irrigation. Developing a suitable strategy for combination of the humic acid and bio-fertilizer mixed for agricultural application under open filed is important for enhancing soil fertility, productivity and reducing the use of heavy inorganic fertilizer for higher production. The aim of this study was determining the effect of Bactrian fertilizer (Pseudomonas, Bacillus, Azospirillum (and humic acid on growth and yield of broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. Italica) under drip irrigation and determine the ideal combination of both organic materials (humic acid and bio-fertilizer mixed) in soil condition during the experiment periods 1/10/2016 to 1/2/2017. Randomized complete block design designing the experiment; the first factor was Bactrian fertilizers with three levels (0, 10, 20 mg/L), while the second factor was humic acid with three levels (0, 5, 10 ml/L). The results showed a significant difference in combinations between bio fertilizers mixed and humic acid applications on vegetative yield parameters, the best treatments was interaction bio fertilizer and humic acid (T9 and T6) for plant height and leaves number. For chlorophyll contents the best interaction was for T9 and T5. While, the best treatment for yield parameters such as for head diameter and circumference was T3. For nitrogen content the best treatments were T9, T5 and T3, while for protein content T9 was the best treatment for higher content of crudes. It was concluded that the treatments with high concentration of Bactrian mixed have highest value for yield parameters, protein content as well as nitrogen.
Keywords: bio stimulators; Brassica oleracea L.; broccoli; humic acid; nutrition; organic fertilizer
Date published: 2019-12-06
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