Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Level business competitiveness of beef cattle fattening in smallholder farms
Rahmat Mandasini, Hastang, Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin
Abstract: This study aimed to determine the level of competitiveness of cattle fattening in the farms of the people. The study was conducted in the Bone regency, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. We used questioners’ survey to 51 people who run fattening beef cattle businesses from September until December 2015. The data were analyzed using policy analysis matrix. The results showed that the business has a competitive advantage private cost ratio = 0.97, a comparative advantage domestic resource cost ratio = 0.96 and the private profit in EUR rates = 11.15 and social profit in EUR rates = 13.34. The conclusion of this research was the cattle fattening in Bone regency had low competitiveness.
Keywords: beef cattle; business; competitiveness; fattening
Date published: 2019-12-06
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