Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Ecological-economical aspects of the production of alternative kinds of fuel in agricultural enterprises Ukraine
Andrii V. Doronin, Lesia M. Каrpuk
Abstract: The analysis of the energy share from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption in developing countries and in Ukraine is presented in the paper. It has been determined that biofuel and waste have the largest share in the production structure of renewable energy sources in Ukraine. But in the structure of energy consumption based on renewable sources the share of biofuel and waste increases constantly in Ukraine. The prospects of the use of crop production output and livestock production waste for the manufacture of alternative fuel at farm enterprises in Ukraine were considered. Preconditions for negative changes in agriculture of Ukraine were studied. The analysis of the cultivation of some agricultural crops and the number of farm animals in Ukraine in 1990-2016 was made. The production effi ciency evaluation of some kinds of output at farm enterprises of Ukraine in 1990-2016 was done. Polynomial, which describe the production potential of biogas manufacture at farm enterprises in cattle and swine production in terms of natural gas for the period of 1990-2016 and envisage the increase of this indicator in future, have been worked out. Ecological-economical production aspects of alternative kinds of fuel in Ukraine were revealed. The suggestions to increase the production efficiency of alternative kinds of fuel from agricultural output were motivated. The necessity and economic expediency of the production and consumption of biofuel in the context of food and energy safety of Ukraine were proved.
Keywords: biodiesel; bioethanol; biogas; livestock production; rape; sugar beets
Date published: 2019-12-05
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