Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Improvement of water management project by correcting irrigation water requirement in farmer participation and optimization
Rapeepat Techarungruengsakul, Haris Prasanchum, Jirayut Wangthken, Ratsuda Ngamsert, Ratana Hormwichian, Anongrit Kangrang, Nanthawat Phookinghin
Abstract: This study explored water resource management in an irrigation project in Yasothorn Province, Thailand in order to improve the water resource management system. The Huay Sabag and Huay Ling Jone Irrigation Schemes pilot projects were studied by field observations, interviewing stakeholders and collecting data. Data were collecting about water requirements, allocation and land use and then corrected using farmer participation. The improvement of water resource management was achieved by improving reservoir rule curves that provide decisions concerning release of water following the corrected water requirement. The results revealed that monthly water requirements corrected by farmer participation are less than existing water demand and that the newly obtained rule curves of both reservoirs provided more reserve stored water for irrigation water requirement than the previous rule curves.
Keywords: genetic algorithms; irrigation project; participation; reservoir; rule curves; water requirement
Date published: 2019-12-05
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