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The effect of different ways and dosages of boron application on Black dimrit (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes yield and quality
M. Kara, F. Er, A. Akin
Abstract: This study has been carried out to determine the effects of Boron on the yield and quality of Black Dimrit grape Hadim-Aladag (Konya) when NPK is applied and not applied as ground fertilizer. The experiment was carried out in NoPoKo not applied and NPK applied 150-50-50 g/vine stocks (N1P1K1) by giving Boron as 11% Borax dosages; Bo 0 g, B1 2,5 g, B2 5 g, B3 10 g Boron/vinestock. The Boron application: I. Boron application was on vinestock drop-lines by mixing it (20-30 cm deep) 15 days before blooming, II. Application started 15 days before blooming and repeated at 15 day intervals. One fourth of boron was applied by spraying on the leaves in four times.
Keywords: Boron application; Grape; quality; Soil analysis; Vitis vinifera L.
Date published: 2019-10-16
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