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Correlations dependence and degree of variation between yield and some morphological parameters in birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) accessions
B. Churkova
Abstract: During the period 2008-2010 in the experimental field of RIMSA-Troyan were traced correlations dependence and degree of variation between the yield of dry mass, some morphological parameters in local populations of birdsfoot trefoil originating: Shumen, Nesebar, Kiten, Tryavna, Sadovo and genotypes of the varieties: C. Podolyanskiy (Russia), Dedinovskiy (Russia), Martanskiy (Russia), Zora (Serbia) Bokor (Serbia) Smolenskiy (Russia). For this purpose was applied of the data the methods of the correlation and variation analysis were used. It was found that the highest average yield value of dry mass showed a variety Dedinovskiy (163.1 kg.ha-1) and local populations originating Kiten and Nessebar (144.1 and 143.1 kg.ha-1). In cultivar Bokor was found moderate variability and higher in all other tested samples due to soil and climatic conditions and their genetic gifts. The leafiness was best expressed in populations originating Sadovo and Kiten (47.2%), including local population of Nessebar (46.3%). The Variety Martanskiy (CV - 5.1%) and population Shumen (CV - 5.6%) showed a very low variability of this parameter. Positive weak correlation dependence was found between of dry mass yield and percentage shares of the generative organs (r = 0.3241) and very strong correlation (r = 0.818036) between the height and the percentage contribution of the stems.
Keywords: accessions; birdsfoot trefoil; correlation and variance analysis
Date published: 2019-10-16
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