Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Detection of Flavescence dorEe phytoplasma strain C on different grapevine cultivars in Serbian vineyards
S. Kuzmanovic, S. Stojanovic, N. Trkulja, Z. Ivanovic, D. Josic, S. Bajic-Raymond, T. Popovic, M. Starovic
Abstract: The presence and distribution of grapevine phytoplasma Flavescence dorée (FD) was investigated in the eight important viticultural areas of Serbia from 2005 to 2007. Overall 272 vineyards were investigated in 67 vineyard localities. Results are presented through phytoplasma infection FD - C by locality and grapevine cultivars. The presence of FD stain C was detected in seven of nine investigated areas. Phytoplasma FD was detected in the six grapevine cultivars - Plovdina, Frankovka, Zupski bojadiser, Smederevka, Italian Riesling and Black Burgundy, of eight tested cultivars. The cultivar Plovdina appeared to be extremely sensitive to FD phytoplasma. Phytoplasma presence in grapevine is checked by PCR and RFLP. The RFLP patterns obtained from the Serbian grapevine samples confirmed that all detected FD strains bellong to 16SrV-C subgroupe of phytoplasma.
Keywords: FD - C strain; Flavescence dorée phytoplasma; grapevine
Date published: 2019-10-09
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