Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Electrocardiographic Reciprocal Complexes in Sows Grown in Industrial Conditions
Y. Kostov, V. Alexandrova
Abstract: A total of 586 sows were studied by means of telemetric electrocardiography, 199 of them (33.96%) showed the presence of the pathological Q wave in their ECG. In 56 of them RC complexes were registered. Sows were kept in individual pens during fertilization and furrowing. They were moved to a common pen after positive pregnancy tests. The additional ventricular contractions registered in ECG were of the Q/r complex type. These contractions were marked as RC complexes and were not followed by a compensatory pause. The reasons for their presence were not clarified.
Keywords: ECG; ECG telemetry; RC complexes
Date published: 2019-10-01
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