Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Dynamical Changes in the Trace Element Composition of Fresh and Lyophilized Ewes Milk
S. Ivanova
Abstract: The present study aims to investigate the trace element composition of fresh and lyophilized ewe’s milk from sheep of the Karakachan breed raised in the region of the Middle Rhodopes. The analysis of trace elements in the native and lyophilized ewe’s milk was made after ashing with atomic-absorption photometer AES-ICP “Varian- Liberty II”. In the course of lactation a decrease of the content of the trace elements boron, barium, chromium, copper, iron, zinc, selenium and iodine and a good availability of manganese was observed in the native and freeze-dried milk.
Keywords: fresh sheeps milk; lyophilized ewes milk; trace elements
Date published: 2019-10-01
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