Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Age dynamics of some parameters of semen production of Landrace boars with Danish and English origin
Ivelina Zapryanova, Radka Malinova
Abstract: The aim of the study was to analyze the age dynamics of some indicators of semen production of Landrace boars of Danish and English origin. The results show that the boars of Danish Landrace breed surpass the English Landrace with 25% in the volume, with 4% in the concentration, and with 37% in the total concentration. The volume of the semen, the total concentration of sperms, and the number of insemination doses are reliably influenced by the individual, the breed, and the age class of the boars (р < 0.001). The individual and its age have influence over the sperm concentration (р < 0.001), and its breed, too (р < 0.01). In both studied breeds the volume of the semen increases with age as it reaches its highest level with boars at age of over 37 months, and the concentration of sperms in the ejaculate normally decreases with the age of the sirs. It was established that the boars of Danish Landrace breed reach the maximum of sperm production after the age of 37 months, and the breeders with English origin – between the age of 25 and 36 months.
Keywords: age differences; boars; breeds; concentration; ejaculate volume; Landrace; semen parameters; spermatozoa
Date published: 2019-09-05
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