Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Innovative methods for the utilization of emissions from greenhouse and other harmful gases from livestock
Kamelia Kancheva, Milena Bozhilova-Sakova, Ivan Yanchev
Abstract: The concentration of animals, the farms built close to the settlements and the great environmental requirements necessitate the development of a comprehensive program for environmental protection, assessing the dangers of air, water and soil contamination. Currently, a number of good technology solutions to reduce emissions exist. Furthermore, there is a number of methods for reducing greenhouse gases, and capturing them using water and reagents is a solution that partially addresses the issue of emissions but does not answer the question of how to use them. Our studies show that the development of installations for the absorption of these emissions from crop plants in greenhouse production and in different systems of cultivation – soil, using a substrate and hydroponic system in parallel with other methods is a serious possibility for zero emission of harmful gases from livestock buildings with full forced ventilation. Air scrubbers can be constructed not only for ammonia capture but also for both CO2 and ammonia utilization through pipe systems in greenhouses near the farms.
Keywords: ammonium nitrate; animal husbandry; carbon dioxide; greenhouse emissions; utilization
Date published: 2019-09-05
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