Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Evaluation of suitability for mechanized harvesting of sesame genotypes, introduced in Portugal
Stoyan Ishpekov, Stanislav Stamatov, Manol Deshev, Rui Nobre
Abstract: A laboratory evaluation of the susceptibility for mechanized harvesting of seeds for eleven sesame genotypes introduced in Portugal has been conducted by two Bulgarian methods. The first one identifies three indices, each of which is indicative for the self-squandering of seeds or for their retention in the capsules due to the narrowing of capsules or for the force of connection between seeds and the placenta. The obtained results show that Bulgarian varieties Aida, Valya and Nevena retain the seeds in capsules due to placenta attachment therefore they are the most suitable for inertial threshing. The remaining genotypes retain their seeds because of narrowing of capsules with decreasing of moisture content. For this reason they are suitable for conventional threshing at moisture content of seeds below 7%, but with some probability of losses due to incomplete releasing of seeds.
Keywords: assessment; harvesting; mechanized harvesting; methods; sesame
Date published: 2019-08-27
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