Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Determining genotypes of 3-breed pig hybrids by marker genes and their interrelation with meat productivity
Ivan Svinarev, Vyacheslav Vasilenko, Gennadiy Maximov, Alexandr Maximov
Abstract: The paper presents the results of determining genotypes of 3-breed pig hybrids (Landrace × Yorkshire × Duroc) by MC4R, IGF2, POU1F1, H-FABP, GH, LEP marker genes and their interrelation with meat productivity. Allele frequencies for the studied genes have been determined. The studies proved that 3-breed hybrids did not have the highest level of heterozygosity in most allelic genes. There have been identified the most desirable genotypes for the studied genes (GGMC4R, AGMC4R, QQIGF2, EFPOU1F1, DDH-FABP, AAGH, CTLEP) which are recommended for pig selection as well as for selection of parent pairs for producing commercial hybrids with high meat productivity. New methods of estimation and selection along with the traditional ones are used in farm animal breeding. The new methods of animal estimation include modern DNA technologies that allow identifying genes directly or indirectly related to economic traits. By now there have been identified a number of DNA markers associated with economic traits or hereditary and other diseases. However the studies have not been finalized yet and need to be continued to clarify the action of promising gene markers and to search for the new ones that are optimal when used in breeding.
Keywords: commercial; gene-dependent selection; genotyping; marker genes; meat qualities; pig hybrids; slaughter qualities
Date published: 2019-08-27
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