Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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New solution attractive lighting with fluorescent algae in aquariums, situated in multi-storey transparent elevators and in floor gardens inside skyscraperers
Yanko Aleksandrov
Abstract: The use of natural phenomena (fluorescent algae) represents a specific way to improve the shape-forming when designing the interior of new buildings. The unexpected combinations of well-known technical indicators (elevators, aquariums) and new indicators (fluorescent algae in multi-storey transparent elevators) lead to a positive technical effect (the attractive interior lighting of the multi-storey transparent elevators and the floor gardens), as well as to an increased level of originality. The above-mentioned combinations form the patent claims of patent application “Multi-storied panoramic elevator” – BG111889 of 17.12.2014 (Aleksandrov, 2014). The new solution has made a significant contribution to the sustainable development of cities by providing the inhabitants of the tallest buildings with access to the plant and animal world.
Keywords: aquariums; attractive light; floor gardens; fluorescent algae; multi-storey; new solution; skyscraper; transparent elevators
Date published: 2019-08-27
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