Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Evaluation of oriental tobacco of the variety group of Basmi upon organic production
Yovcho Kochev, Hristo Bozukov, Daniela Vitanova, Maria Kasheva
Abstract: Bio agriculture as a whole, including tobacco cultivation, is more environmentally friendly. There is no doubt that the activity of organic tobacco production creates demand, which stimulates people to do better business and to cause less harm to the environment. Some tobacco products, however, which are advertised as natural, often are even more hazardous to the health of smokers due to the fact that a part of the tobacco elements - such as tar or nicotine – are actually contained in these products in a higher percentage than regular cigarettes. The objective of our study is to make a comparative evaluation of the quality and chemical indicators of the biological tobacco raw material of the cultivated 4 varieties of Oriental tobacco of the variety group of Basmi with those of their variety characteristics upon conventional cultivation.
Keywords: bio tobacco; chemical indicators; comparative evaluation; nicotine; Oriental tobacco; sugars
Date published: 2019-08-27
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