Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Craniological characteristics of wild boars from the region of Sarnena Sredna gora mountain, Bulgaria
Е. Raychev, D. Kostov, V. Doychev
Abstract: Craniological analysis of 18 male wild boar skulls has been conducted at completed growth (fully-grown third molar tooth). 44 craniological measurements have been made characterizing both the basic skull shapes and proportions (length, height, width and profile line), and the shape and proportions of the various skull parts (facial and cerebral) and of the various bones (lacrimal, palatal, etc.). The values found have been compared to the ones obtained by other authors. Based on the values found a classification analysis has been made to establish the population appurtenance of wild boars inhabiting in the region of Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountain. It has been found out that male boars from the region of Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountain have an extended, relatively narrow and low skull, with a straight profile line. The lacrimal bone is extended, with a trapezoid shape. Concerning their craniological characteristics, male wild boars from the region of Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountain are attributed to the wild boar population inhabiting North Bulgaria. The basic skull dimensions characterizing its length, height and width are in positive correlation.
Keywords: correlations; craniology; lacrimal bone; palatal bone; wild boars
Date published: 2019-08-22
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