Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Productivity Analysis of Sunflower Cultivations in Turkey
A. Semerci
Abstract: The objective of this research is to determine the resource use efficiency in three different types of sunflower production with respect to orobanche resistance in the agricultural enterprises in Thrace Region, Turkey. The data used in this research have been obtained through questionnaire technique from 571 agricultural enterprises which were determined by ‘’Stratified Random Sampling Method’’ in 2009. In this research, the production elasticity of coefficient (PEC), the marginal income (MI), and the marginal efficiency of coefficients (MEC) of inputs used in 3 types sunflower productions have been made and economically interpreted. In this study, it has been reached to the highest yield by 189.30 kg da-1 in the production of sunflower, resistant to orobanche. In the estimating equations of 3 different types of sunflower, which have been obtained by Cobb-Douglas function type, it has been concluded that there is a decreasing return to scale.
Keywords: Efficiency; Orobanche (Orobanche cernua L.); Production Function
Date published: 2019-08-22
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