Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Efficiency of windbreak forest belts for the cultivation of winter grain crops
Elena Anatolievna Ivantsova, Alexander Nikolaevich Sarychev, Nikolay Vladimirovich Onistratenko, Yuri Nikolaevich Pleskachev
Abstract: The article presents the results of studies on the complex effect of field-protecting forest plantings and technologies of the main processing of the soil on growth, development and efficiency of the main grain culture in the conditions of the southern areas of the Volgograd region. Authors established determined consistent patterns of change of some agrophysical indicators of the light brown soil and feature of formation of productivity of a winter wheat in the field with protective plantings in years, various on moisture security. Data on inspection of consequences of a dust storm in the territory of the Volgograd region are submitted. Studies have shown that the moisture content in the soil in the forestry agrolandscape varies differently in the inter-band space. The highest moisture reserves are formed in areas close to the forest band up to 15 H. This pattern can be traced both in dry and in wet years. Due to the features of the water mode the productivity of a winter wheat in the conditions of the protected field isn‘t uniform. Higher yields of wheat were obtained in those zones where additional moistening was formed. Field-protecting plantings don‘t influence soil density. This indicator varies only depending on the applied technology of tillage.
Keywords: cultivation technology; forestry agrolandscape; windbreak forest belt; winter wheat
Date published: 2019-07-31
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