Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Determination of the Field Performances of Different Types of Chisel Legs
A. Cay, H. Yalcin, E. Cakir, B. Cakmak, E. Aykas, E. Gulsoylu
Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine the working parameters of conventional chisel (Chisel C) and two new designed and manufactured chisel models (Chisels A and B) as an alternative to the conventional chisel. For this purpose; fuel consumptions, work efficiency and draft of 7 shank chisels were determined at 17 cm and 27 cm working depths and 5 km h-1 and 6 km h-1 theoretical working speeds in field conditions. In addition to working parameters, soil penetration resistance and dry bulk volume of weight were measured before and after the tillage to examine the effects of chisels on the physical parameters of the soil. According to the results, conventional model chisel C had the lowest performance with high draft of 16.25 kN, the lowest working capacity of 6.83 ha h-1 and the highest fuel consumption of 19.23 L ha-1 at 27 cm depth and 5 km h-1 forward speed conditions. Among all tools, new designed chisel A was found to have the best performance with 13.83 kN, 8.31 ha h-1, and 14.23 L ha-1 for draft, work efficiency and fuel consumption, respectively.
Keywords: chisel; dry bulk; legs; tillage
Date published: 2019-07-26
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