Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Fatty-acid composition of the lipids in m. longisimus dorsi of bovine and buffalo calves and buffalo cows
P. Penchev, R. Kalev, M. Tzankova, K. Dimov
Abstract: To study the fatty-acid profile of the lipids in meat, eight buffalo and eight bovine calves were assigned in two groups subjected to the same diet for a period of one year. At the end of the period, five animals of each group and five buffalo cows were slaughtered and test samples from m. longisimus dorsi taken. The results showed higher percentage of dry matter, crude fats, and crude protein in the buffalo meat (claves and cows) in comparison with the bovine calves. Compared to the bovine calves and the buffalo cows, the meat of the bubaline calves was found to have lower portion of the saturated fatty acids, with higher percentage of stearic acid and lower of palmitic and myristic. The buffalo calves have shown to produce meat with most favorable (n-6)/(n-3) ratio (7.00) compared to the bovine calves and the buffalo cows, the differences concerning the total fraction of polyunsaturated fatty acids among groups being negligible.
Keywords: buffaloes; calves; fatty acids; omega PUFA
Date published: 2019-07-26
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