Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Relation of milking temperament and milk yield in Holstein and Brown Swiss cows
J. Mitev, T. Angelova, Z. Gergovska, D. Yordanova, T. Miteva
Abstract: The study comprises 118 cows, of which 69 Holstein-Friesian and 49 Brown Swiss ones. The cows from both breeds are reared by the same technology – free with individual cubicles for rest and milking in milking parlour, herringbone type. To assess the temperament a 5-score system is used: 1 – very nervous and 5 – very calm cows. The average score for milking temperament in the Holstein cows is slightly higher than that of the Brown Swiss ones, 3.74 to 3.65, respectively. The cows with a nervous type of temperament, scores 1 and 2, comprise a relatively high percentage, and they are slightly more in the Holstein – 15.9% than in the Brown Swiss cows – 12.2%. The average milking yield of the nervous and very nervous cows is higher than that of the medium to very calm ones. That difference is greater in the Holstein cows – 744.8 kg compared to the Brown Swiss ones - 445.2 kg. The ranking correlation (Spearman) of the breeding bulls for the dairy trait and the percentage of daughters with scores from 3 to 5 and breeding value for milking temperament score is respectively rs = - 0.21 and rs = - 0.10.
Keywords: 305 days milk yield; Brown Swiss cow; Holstein; milking temperament
Date published: 2019-07-26
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