Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Physicochemical, biochemical, textural and sensory properties of telli cheese - a traditional Turkish cheese made from cow milk
O. Kinik, K. Seckin, H. Kesenkas, O. Gursoy, N. Dinkci
Abstract: Telli (threaded) cheese is a hard cheese variety produced in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. Physicochemical, biochemical, textural and sensory properties of cow milk Telli cheese samples were investigated during 90 days of storage. Cheese samples were characterized with their high total solids (54.44%), fat (25.25%) and protein (25.14%) contents. Lactic acid was the first abundant organic acid in cheeses. The most abundant saturated fatty acids were palmitic, stearic and myristic acids while the oleic acid was found to have the highest level among the unsaturated fatty acids. Lipolysis and proteolysis of samples were increased throughout storage.
Keywords: fatty acids; lipolysis; organic acids; proteolysis; Telli cheese; texture
Date published: 2019-07-26
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