Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Herbicides influence the community structure of the soil mezofauna
G. Gecheva, S. Petrova, D. Georgiev, I. Mollov, I. Velcheva
Abstract: A field bioassay was carried out to assess the impact of “NIRVANA” (active substances imazamox and pendimethalin) and “STOMP 330 EC” (active substance pendimethalin) herbicides residues to the soil mezofauna. The investigated herbicides caused changes in the community structure of the soil mezofauna. Highest negative impact (suppression of all studied ecological parameters) was observed until the 100-th day after treatment, and on the experimental plots treated with high concentrations of pendimethalin. The dynamic of the soil community structure was found to be related with those of the pesticides content.
Keywords: ecological characteristics; pendimethalin; soil mezofauna
Date published: 2019-07-26
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