Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Investigation the indices for mechanized picking sesame capsules
S. Stamatov, Z. Mihaylova, A. Triffonov, S. Ishpekov, M. Deshev, D. Aleksandrov, I. Dimitrov, P. Petrov, B. Kolev
Abstract: The picking of a single capsule from the sesame stem at its full and technological maturity by static force and shock impact has been experimentally investigated. The impact was applied in each of three main directions: downwards the stem axis, upwards the stem axis and across the stem. It was determined that the static picking force is from 5.5 to 10 times less energy consumable and has a duration from 14 to 33 times longer than the shock impact. The suitable impact directions are downwards the stem axis and across the stem. The application of each of them requires supporting the plant with respect to prevent its throwing down the soil surface. The upwards directed impact is not recommended for picking of a single capsule, because of its higher energy consumption. More over it is inapplicable for the capsule at technological maturity, because it leads to capsule destruction and seeds scattering.
Keywords: mechanized harvesting; sesame
Date published: 2019-07-23
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