Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Antimicrobial activity in vitro of four nickel complexes
E. M. Mosoarca, R. I. Alexandrova, O. Costisor, R. Tudose, T. P. Popova
Abstract: The in vitro effect of four nickel complexes with ligands containing the antipyrine moiety N,N’-bis(4-antipyrylmethyl)- piperazine (BAMP) and N,N’-tetra-(antipyryl-1-methyl)-1,2-diaminoethane (TAMEN ) against 33 pathogenic bacterial strains, as well as control ones, was examined. The antifungal activity of the complexes against four Candida spp. was established too. Two routine methods were used: of Bauer-Kirby and the determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations. The compounds Ni(TAMEN )(NCS )2 and Ni(TAMEN )(ClO4)2 manifested good antibacterial activity in vitro against the tested bacteria, especially towards the Gram-positive strains, as well as against K. pneumoniae and P. aeruginosa. Among all tested microorganisms, the sensitivity of the strains of E. coli to the examined complexes proved most weak. Candida spp. showed high sensitivity to Ni(TAMEN )(NCS )2 and Ni(TAMEN)(ClO4)2 too and weaker to Ni2(BAMP)(Cl)4 and Ni2(BAMP)(Ac)4.
Keywords: antibacterial activity; nickel complexes
Date published: 2019-06-28
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