Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Grain weight per spike of wheat using different ways of seed protection
N. Protich, R. Protich, G. Todorovich
Abstract: The research was conducted in field conditions with seven different treatments of seed protection and three winter wheat varieties. The varieties PKB-Christina, Pobeda and Vizija were different according to tillering type, stem height, leaf position, duration of vegetation, genetic potential for grain yield and quality. The micro trial was set up during 2004-2006, using split-plot system with four variants of chemical protection plus electronic protection of plasma electrons with positive and negative control. The way of seed protection is the factor that significantly has influence upon grain weight per spike. The variety Vizija had smaller grain weight per spike (1.81 g) than the varieties PKB-Christina (1.99 g) and Pobeda (2.09 g). Difference is highly significant. By comparing grain weight per spike from the aspect of applied protection, highly significant difference was proven between control (1.95 g), +c/+control (1.95 g), difeconazole (1.95 g), and variants being treated with diviconazole (2.04 g), carboxine + tiran (2.11 g) and tebuconazole + triazoxine (1.88 g). Then, highly signifficant difference was determined between variants being treated by fungicides diviconazole, carboxin + tiran and tebuconazole + triazoxin. Plasma electrons treatment was on the level of the control. The highly significant interaction was determined between variety x year x treatment.
Keywords: fungicide; grain weight per spike; variety; wheat
Date published: 2019-06-14
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