Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Seed germination of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) with nano-particles of iron
Francisco Prieto-García, Sergio Rubén Pérez-Ríos, Judith Prieto-Méndez, Nallely Trejo-González, Eliazar Aquino-Torres
Abstract: Nanoparticles (NPs) are used in agriculture for seed germination and their effect depends on factors such as chemical nature and size, concentration and time of exposure and/or aging of NPs). The objective of this study was to evaluate the potentiality of establishing whether Fe NPs could be used as a fertilizer for the improvement in germination in bean crops (Phaseolus vulgaris), and then to study the possible mechanisms of interaction between the NPs, the soil and the seeds. In this study, the effect of iron nanoparticles, obtained by green synthesis (NPs-FeG), on the germination of Creole black bean seeds was evaluated. The treatments were with 5 and 10 mg.L-1 of NPs-FeG and a control. A completely randomized experimental design was performed with three treatments and five repetitions and an ANOVA. Germination was observed 5 days, then the length of the primary root was measured. The treatment of 5 mg.L-1 of NPs-FeG showed higher germination than with 10 mg.L-1 and the control. Longer and thicker roots were also observed. The NPs-FeG favor germination of the seeds, decrease the germination time and enhance the development of the root system.
Keywords: beans; germination; green synthesis; seed; zero iron nanoparticles
Date published: 2019-04-02
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