Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Determination of heat transfer coefficient for baby food dried in tunnel dryer
F. Dujmic, T. Bosiljkov, D. Jezek, T. Jurendic, S. Karlovic, B. Tripalo, M. Scetar
Abstract: Baby food represent one of the most important final food products because of the sensitivity of production, nutritive issues, textural and structural properties and at the end people’s choice for this kind of foodstuff. In this work, a new Nusselt-Reynolds-Prandtl-Dincer correlation for the calculation of the heat transfer coefficient h was developed and successfully applied for the drying of baby food mixtures. The new correlation contains both fluid and material characteristic properties. The proposed correlations can be used for drying of baby foods in tunnel dryer at the drying (air) temperature 60 °C<T<100 °C, air velocities 0,5 m/s<v<1,5 m/s, Re >10000 and 3000<Di<60000.
Keywords: baby food; convective drying; heat transfer coefficient; temperature profile
Date published: 2019-03-29
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