Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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A strategy for the identifcation of a canditate gene for drought induced stress in Penduculate oak (Quercus robur L. (Q. pedunculata Ehrh.)), Fagaceae
P. Pap, V. Galovic, S. Pekec, S. Orlovic, B. Trudic
Abstract: In this paper a problem associated with drying of some penduculate oak populations (Quercus robur L. (Q. pedunculata Ehrh.)), Fagaceae from the area of Srem was systematically approached, and a theoretical explanation of the phenomenon of resistance of wooden species at a molecular level was given. The most important segment of this paper represents a strategic proposal for approaching this problem of gene expression at the molecular level in order to obtain the first applicable insights into the future protection of this species in the area of Srem, Republic of Serbia and in other parts of Europe, where oak trees are exposed to constant climatic changes and soil water deficit.
Keywords: (m)RNA; DNA; drought induced stress; gene expression; penduculate oak; senescence
Date published: 2019-03-25
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