Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Influence of organic and inorganic fertilizers on nematode communities in cornfield
Z. Loncaric, E. Raspudic, M. Brmez, D. Grubisic, D. Pribetić, M. Ivezic, T. Benkovic-Lacic
Abstract: Organic amendments increases soil microbial biomass and nutrient availability, and affect soil nematode community by increasing abundance of bacterivore and fungivore nematodes. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of different organic manures (beef manure - BM, horse manure - HM, swine manure - SM, poultry manure - PM), mineral fertilization (MF) and “no amended” plots (control - CO ) on nematode community structure. Research was conducted in 2008, in Krizevci, in northwestern part of Croatia, in field planted with corn (Zea mays L). Nematode communities were analyzed to genus level. Significant differences between treatments were observed in MI and in MI25. Statistically lower MI value in MF plots in compared with CO plots indicates more disturbed environmental conditions. A significant difference between CO and MF, HM and PM plots in MI2-5 value also demonstrates change in nematode communities. Diversity and ecological indexes did not show significant differences between treatments and sensitivity to changes in soil. Changes in nematode community structure in soil food web were affected by addition of organic and inorganic fertilizers in soil, and the most disturbed community was observed in treatment with mineral fertilization. Measures of nematode community were functional in providing the information about processes in soil and reflect differences in soil ecosystem.
Keywords: indexes; inorganic fertilizer; Nematodes; organic fertilizers
Date published: 2019-03-25
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