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Influence of the afila gene on grain yield in pea (Pisum sativum L.)
E. Kadhum, V. Pesic, P. Jankovic, R. Djordjevic, D. Misic
Abstract: The aim was to investigate the possibility of introducing leafless or semi-leafless features from afila cultivar “Filigreen” in early, mid-early and late pea cultivars. F1 and F2 generations were grown together in a single nursery during year 2006. F1 plants with normal leaves were obtained thus proving that afila is a recessive characteristic. The total of 1490 F2 plants segregated with 2.93 plants with normal leaves to 1.07 with afila leaves. Chi-square test confirmed monohybrid model of inheritance 3:1. Afila plants with differing maturity dates were obtained. The best recombination’s, in terms of grain yield per plant, were obtained by crossing “Filigreen” x “Maja” (early cultivar), “Filigreen” x “Oskar” (mid-early cultivar) and “Filigreen” x “Zelena dolina” (late cultivar). Grain yield of F2 afila plants was reduced by 6-18% in relation to grain yield of normal plants (depending on parents, combinations). Grain yield was reduced, in average, by 10% for afila plants compared to normal (leafy) plants in the F2 for all possible crosses.
Keywords: afila; grain yield; monohybrid inheritance; pea
Date published: 2019-03-25
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