Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The influence of crossbreeding on the protein composition, nutritional and energy value of cow milk
Оleksandr V. Borshch, Liudmyla V. Pirova, Lesia T. Kosior, Оleksandr O. Borshch, Iryna A. Lastovska
Abstract: The use of crossbreeding as an element of improving livestock in commercial herds has affected the protein composition of milk and its nutritional and energy value. The cross of Ukrainian Black-Spotted and Brown Swiss cows have exceeded the purebred analogues in a mass fraction of fat by 0.08%, protein – by 0.05%, and the cross of Ukrainian Red-Spotted cows with Montbeliarde ones have significantly surpassed purebred analogues in the content of fat by 0.16%, protein – by 0.14%. It has been established that the milk protein of the crossbred first generation (F1) obtained as a result of the local Black- and Red-Spotted cows with Brown Swiss and Montbeliarde breeds crossing had a higher biological value. Milk protein of the local cows did not contain amino acids, which score was less than 100%. According to the coefficient of utility (assimilation) which characterizes the biological value of milk proteins, a significant advantage of crossbred cows over purebred counterparts has been observed.
Keywords: amino acids; cow milk; crossbreeding; milk fat; milk protein
Date published: 2019-02-25
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