Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Weed flora of potato crop in Kosovo
Arben Mehmeti, Muhamet Zogaj, Rozafa Fetahaj, Adem Demaj, Luan Tiriqi
Abstract: This study investigates the weed flora in potato crop in the area of the Republic of Kosovo. The weed flora in potato crop in Kosovo has not been studied in detail in the past; thus, data are insufficient and incomplete. In 2014, 100 plant relevès with a standard plot size of 25 m² were recorded in potato crop. To avoid edge effects, the minimum distance of each plot to the field border was 10 m. A total number of 67 species were documented, which were grouped into 58 genera and 26 families. In the flora of potato crop, representatives of the families Asteraceae, Poaceae and Lamiaceae are predominant. Species numbers per field ranged from 3-24 species per 25 m2. Regarding plant life-forms, therophytes prevailed with 59.0%, followed by hemicryptophytes with 26.8% and geophytes with 11.2%, and others (3.0%) are less common. The phytogeographical analysis shows the dominance of Eurasian (22%), sub-Eurasian (18%) and cosmopolitan (18%) floristic elements. Relatively high species numbers and high proportions of perennial plants in the recorded fields may result from low levels of herbicide application in potato crop. Nevertheless, annual weeds predominate on potato crop, which, in general, is typical for cultivated arable land.
Keywords: Kosovo; potato; weeds
Date published: 2019-02-25
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