Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effect of paraffin treatment on walnut grafts under bench grafting
D. Jankovic, R. Miletic, S. Jankovic, M. Mitrovic, S. M. Paunovic
Abstract: The effect of paraffin on the onset of bud break, onset of callus formation and graft-take percentage in walnut under bench grafting using the whip-and-tongue method was evaluated in this study. The experiment involved the following cultivars: Šeinovo, Ovčar, G-286, G-139 and Elit. Two treatments were employed: Treatment 1 - grafting involving immersion of the rootstock-scion union into paraffin, and Treatment 2 - grafting without immersion of the rootstock-scion union into paraffin. Sawdust temperature in the treatment with paraffin was 0.5-1оС higher than that in the treatment without paraffin. This induced earlier bud break, earlier callus formation and higher graft-take percentage in walnut.
Keywords: cultivar; grafting; paraffin; walnut
Date published: 2019-02-27
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