Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Identification of vegetable oil adulterants in sunflower oil through discriminant analysis of colorimetric parameters
P. Georgieva, K. Nikolova, D. Boyadjiev, M. Perifanova - Nemska
Abstract: Mathematical discriminant analysis was applied to mixtures of sunflower oil and cottonseed or rapeseed oil and the differences in the color parameters and the content of pigments such as chlorophyll and beta carotene were demonstrated. The method suggested aimed at supporting quality control towards and easy and non-destructive determination of sunflower oil adulteration with vegetable oils. The significance of individual indices for the modeling was evaluated. The models were tested with results from other independent samples.
Keywords: canonical analysis; color parameters; cottonseed oil; mahalanobis distances; rapeseed oil; sunflower oil
Date published: 2019-02-27
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