Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Fractional composition of organic matter in surface horizon of soils from Bobov Dol Valley
D. Bakardzhiev, K. Ruskov, I. Nikova, B. Hristov, D. Petrov, A. Zdravkov, E. Filcheva
Abstract: The paper deals with the content and composition of organic matter of soils polluted with ash from Thermal Power Plant “Bobov Dol”. Coal impurities have impact not only on the amount of total carbon but also on the type of humus. Fine ash particles are deposited in the northern part of the valley, and they had change the composition of organic acids, where now humic type of humus dominates. The average amount of organic carbon increases in the surface horizon since 1979. It could be considered that this increase is due to 36 years of TPP “Bobov Dol” operation.
Keywords: coal ashes; humic and fulvic acids; humus; organic carbon
Date published: 2019-02-27
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