Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The analysis of cherry production and trade in Turkey: the case of Uluborlu district
T. Bal, F. Cercinli
Abstract: More than half of the fresh fruit and vegetable exports are citrus fruits in Turkey. West Mediterranean Region has a considerable share in fruit production, which is like apple, orange, banana, carob, loquat and cherry are the most prominent fruits regarding their share in Turkey’s production. Isparta province has a share of 5.2 per cent in cherry productions in Turkey and 28.8 per cent of it comes from Uluborlu District of Isparta province. In this study, marketing and foreign trade of and problems in cherry production in Uluborlu district were determined and point of view of producers in terms of cherry exportation were found out by using survey technique. According to results, cherry in Uluborlu district has a higher longevity than other varieties draws the attention of exporters, producers are highly dependent upon exporters. Producers do not have any other choice than personally selling their products to the exporters. 50 per cent of cherry produced in Uluborlu district is exported and the district meets 35 per cent of cherry export of Turkey. Research results suggest that extension services provided by public and private organizations are inadequate for Uluborlu’s cherry producers to access sources of knowledge. Therefore, extension studies should be conducted.
Keywords: Cherry; Cherry Exportation; Isparta
Date published: 2019-02-27
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