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Casimir vacuum state of the relativistic quantum scalar field system in living cells
G. Petrov, Ts. D. Tsvetkov
Abstract: The physical fundamental equations describing the absorption and emission of light waves by atoms are symmetric with respect to the sign of the time parameter also the principle of the detail equilibrium is in force - that is, there is no directionality of “time’s arrow” at the microscopic level of this physical phenomena; it is only at the macroscopic level when following Einstein from the macro causality properties of view the irreversible character of time begins to assert itself in the classical sense of the Minkowski space-time, and then for no other reason than probability in the thermodynamically sense by the understanding of his nature. Following this thought it is to remark that the physical phenomena by the light absorption and emission has a relativistic character also the time parameter is not so gut understanding by definition in Minkowski space without Lorenz transformations between the Lorenz manifold’s points of the Lorenz globally geometry whiles the gut understand thermodynamically “time’s arrow” as a physical phenomena is non relativistic and the time is absolutely also the Galileo transformation between the Riemann manifold’s points is in force. All that is connected with the more fine understanding of the symmetry by transformations of the vector valued functional state as the so called super symmetry as by the time inverse connected with the mutuality principles and the principle of detail equilibrium and so as the charge conjugation. For the light propagation in the vacuum at the microscopically level the geometrical understanding of this manifolds is practical from one and the same nature described by local quantum wave fields which was understanding physically very gut as phenomena but not so gut from the so called pure mathematic point of view. Furthermore following the quantum character of the causality properties of the observed physical quantum entities it is clear that the application of the usual mathematic analysis is not more sufficiently to describe this by the help of the fundamental equations. The generalized functions and more special the tempered distributions make possibly the understanding of the nature by those physical phenomena from the mathematical point of view too, e.g. without to consider the set of the zero measures i.e. by Lebesgue’s integrations. The entity of the distributions consist in them that by dropping the knowledge of the function which define the Lebesgue’s zero measure it is possibly to define wide class of generalized functions, included different Dirac δ-functions and his derivations.
Keywords: Casimir effect; elementary living cells; lyophilization; nanophysics; scaling principle; singularities
Date published: 2019-02-27
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