Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effect of the assistance of microwave and oxalic acid on the extraction yield of pectin from pomelo (Citrus maxima) peel
Le Pham Tan Quoc
Abstract: Pectin is quite important component in the plant cell and useful in the pharmaceutical and food technology. This study shows the changes of pectin content and its DE values of pomelo peel with changes of extraction factors such as pH, dried peel/solvent ratio, microwave power and extraction time. The results show that the pectin content reached 18.81±0.21%, yield of pure pectin was 91.02±0.21%. The optimal extraction conditions of pectin from pomelo peel were pH of 4.2, material/solvent ratio of 1/39, extraction time of 9 minutes, microwave power of 660 W. The results also proved that using microwave assisted extraction and oxalic acid can increase the content of pectin from pomelo peel.
Keywords: microwave; oxalic acid; pectin; pomelo
Date published: 2019-02-20
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