Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Kinetic and microbiological dependencies in the process of fermentation of goat milk, enriched with lactulose
Iliana Nacheva
Abstract: The obtaining of the fermented dairy product - kefir, based on goat milk and enriched with prebiotic component - lactulose is a quality addition to the existing range of dairy products with functional purpose. It is investigated the influence of lactulose at a concentration of 1%, 3% and 6% on the acidification rate in the fermentation of yogurt and the amount of microorganisms during storage. The results demonstrate that the addition of lactulose, regardless of its concentration, results in the activation process of the propagation of the microorganisms during the fermentation. It has been found that the addition of 3% lactulose provides optimal growth of the main groups of microorganisms during fermentation and more prolonged retention of their number during storage.
Keywords: acidification rate; fermentation; goat milk; kefir; lactulose
Date published: 2019-02-20
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