Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The impact of motor activity level of newborn calves with dyspepsia on correction efficiency of hypercoagulation state in them with the help of gamavit
Galina S. Mal, Vera D. Fomina, Olga N. Makurina, Grigory G. Arslanian
Abstract: While examining the newborn calves with noninfectious dyspepsia we noted strengthening of lipids’ peroxidation in plasma, activation of blood coagulation, weakening of anticoagulation and fibrinolysis. Gamavit application (0.03 mg/kg) to the observed calves provided positive dynamics of accountable indices which was more evident at untethered (free) keeping of animals. In this case we noted maximal fall of plasma acylhydroperoxides’ level (in 2.4 times) because of evident strengthening of its antioxidant activity (by 34.2%). The newborn calves with dyspepsia only at free keeping reached normalization of coagulation factors’ activity, the time of common coagulation tests, activity of antithrombin III and protein C. It was also accompanied in calves at free keeping by level normalization of plasminogen, α2-antiplasmin and the time of spontaneous euglobulin lysis. In calves which were kept tethered, positive dynamics of accountable indices was less evident what allowed normalizing none of them.
Keywords: blood coagulation; dyspepsia; gamavit; newborn calves
Date published: 2019-02-20
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