Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Рroblems and prospects of development of forest using in Kazakhstan
A. Tilenov, S. Baizakov
Abstract: In this article for the first time since the adoption of the Forest Codex of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2003), where the forest management is allowed to be carried out on a new basis (charged long-term and short-term rentals), we analyze the state of forest management organization in the country. It was found that the share of non-timber and growing forest management does not take up more than 15% of total volume of the forest areas assigned for this purpose, and the income from these types of forest management is not more than 15% of whole income submitted into the national budget. The main problems are clarified and perspective directions of forest management’s development and expansion are defined.
Keywords: forest areas; forest management; forest resources
Date published: 2019-02-20
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