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An urological model: volume estimation of the bovine renal parenchyma
O. F. Lenger, M. S. Akosman
Abstract: The bovine kidney has recently been used as a model for urological techniques in human health. The volume of the renal parenchyma (cortex-medulla) criteria is especially important in the morphological, developmental and toxicological experiments for the determination of the health status of the kidney. However, there are no recent, adequate morphological data about the bovine renal parenchyma. Because of this reason, the present study aimed to estimate the volume of the renal parenchyma by Cavalieri method in two bovine breeds. All lobes of the left kidneys of the Brown Swiss and Holstein bulls were evaluated individually. The mean volume of the cortex and medulla of the Brown Swiss and the Holstein bulls per lobe were estimated as 13.8 cm3, 5.8 cm3 and 15.4 cm3, 7.2 cm3, respectively. The weight, length, width, total volume and the volume of the medulla fraction between breeds was statistically significant (p<0.05). However, no statistical differences were observed at the volume of the cortex fraction and the cortex/medulla ratio (p>0.05). The volume fraction of the Brown Swiss bull left kidney was 70.41% cortex, 29.59% medulla, while the Holstein bull left kidney was 68.14% cortex, 31.86% medulla. The researchers believe that the findings may facilitate the future researches and will contribute to the existing literature.
Keywords: Bovine; Cavalieri Method; Morphology; Renal Parenchyma; Stereology
Date published: 2019-02-20
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