Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Feeding early-weaned lambs with pelleted dry distillars grain with solubles (DDGS) plus whole grain, and two methods of supplyng minerals and vitamins
A. Kirilov, N. Todorov, M. Simeonov
Abstract: The aim of the experiment is to examine possibilities to feed early-weaned lambs with pelleted DDGS, whole maize grain and alfalfa hay when minerals and vitamins supplement are given by two different methods. Lambs weaned at 19 days age are divided in two groups and for the period from 10 to 25 kg live weight (duration of the trial is 62-65 days) are fed on the same diet consisting of pelleted DDGS, whole maize and alfalfa hay ad libitum. Additionally lambs received restricted to 100 g soybean meal per head daily. For the first group minerals and vitamins are included in pelleted DDGS, while for the second group a mineral-vitamin mixture (MVM) is offered separately in a special trough ad libitum. The daily live weight gain is equal for two groups (P>0.05). There is a tendency for intake of more feeds and MVM when MVM is offered free consumption. Therefore, feed efficiency ratio is worse in the second group with free access to MVM. Separable inside body fat deposit (P<0.05) and slaughtering percentage are higher for lambs consuming ad libitum MVM (P=0.10). In conclusion, the two methods of feeding ensure practically equal results and their application merits attention because both tested systems of feeding are cheap and easy for applying under farm conditions.
Keywords: carcass quality; gain; lambs; minerals-vitamins mixture; pelleted DDGS; whole maize
Date published: 2019-02-20
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