Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Violeta Dirimanova, Teodor Radev
Abstract: The aim of this study is to explain the mechanisms through which knowledge is transferred in the agricultural sector in Bulgaria. To identify these mechanisms of interaction between science and practice and existing limitations and weaknesses, three scientific institutes, one experiment station and the Agricultural University were selected. Case study approach was used for selected small- and large-scale agricultural producers in South-Central of Bulgaria, utilizing the scientific achievements and consultancy services of the regional scientific institutes and University. The questionnaires incorporated open questions to understand how the knowledge transfer process towards its practical application works and the requirement of innovations and the establishment of new technologies in Bulgaria. The results of the study show that large-scale agricultural producers require specialized knowledge related to fighting diseases and pests, knowledge for implementation of new technologies offered by the scientific institutes etc., while, the small-scale producers seek knowledge related to the production process itself and methods to reduce production costs and achieve higher yields. The knowledge transfer from the Agricultural University and scientific institutes to the agricultural producers is performed through various channels, like demonstration and commercial fields at the scientific institutes, advice provided on site, international trade companies and informal channels. The difficulties that the agricultural producers and suppliers face regarding knowledge transfer is the poor access to agricultural advice for farms located away from the district administrative centers, the lack of information about events organized by the scientific centers, the lack of proper promotion of the results from the demonstration fields and an underdeveloped system for technology and knowledge transfer towards the farms.
Keywords: advisory; farms; institutions; knowledge; transfer
Date published: 2017-07-07
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