Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Drying kinetics of different fruit pomaces in a heat pump dryer
N. Penov, B. Brushlyanova, О. Karabadzhov, Т. Petrova, S. Katsharova
Abstract: Apple, blueberry (wild and cultivated), raspberry, chokeberry, and morello pomaces are dried at temperature 45° С to equilibrium moisture content in a laboratory pilot heat pump dryer. The kinetics of drying process of the fruit pomaces is investigated. The studied pomaces except that of raspberry showed two drying periods: a constant-rate drying period and falling rate-drying period. The drying time is the longest in the cultivated blueberry pomace. Dried pomaces are raw material for use in functional foods with a defined content of bioactive substances and antioxidant activity.
Keywords: drying; fruit; heat pump; kinetics; pomaces
Date published: 2019-02-20
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